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Arizona’s Oldest and Most Trusted Ice Delivery Service

Ice Delivery

At Arizona Iceman we have been delivering ice to Arizona for over 20 years. We have a fleet of delivery trucks that ensure our clients get ice in a timely and affordable manner.

Ice Delivery Service

Our facility and fleet allow us to service businesses and events of all types. Our clients include stores such as Walgreens and events such as the Waste Management Phoenix Open and Barrett Jackson car shows.

We are committed to serving our customers with ice when and where needed and proud to be a distributor for Reddy Ice. We can boast that we are the only supplier in the state that can manufacture and distribute a total line of ice products.

Arizona’s Most Trusted Name In Ice Delivery

When you combine our years of experience, ice-making facility, extensive fleet of delivery trucks, and our experienced team we are able to service businesses and events of all types in all parts of Arizona.
Restaurant and Bar Ice Delivery

Restaurant & Bars

We deliver ice as a primary and backup source of ice for restaurants, bars, hotels, etc. Most restaurants, bars, and hotels have onsight ice makers but additional ice for events, summertime heat, or in case of ice system breakdown.

Concert Ice Delivery


We supply ice to numerous concert venues throughout the Phoenix Metro. This includes both indoor and outdoor concert venues. We can provide the primary source of ice or backup for larger events.

Ice Delivery for Events

Public Events and Shows

Weather you are planning a large conference, outdoor market, food tasting event, or any other public event we can deliver and maintain all ice for your event. We have extensive experience in public event ice delivery.

Ice Delivery for Construction Sites

Construction Sites

The construction industry in Phoenix is booming and keeping crews hydrated and cool is a challenge with the high temperatures. Phoenix provides special challenges because of our summer heat and our ice delivery and storage devices can help ensure works have access to ice for drinks and keeping cool.

Sporting Event Ice Delivery

Sporting Events

We deliver and provide ice for all types of sporting events. This includes golf tournaments, car shows, rodeos, baseball, soccer, football, and all other sporting events. Our team has years of experience in delivering ice to very large sporting events.

Ice for Home and Residential

Home and Residential

Often times residential customers need larger quantities of ice for a party or wedding they will be hosting in their home. We will deliver ice directly to your residential event. 

Grocery and Pharmacy Ice

Grocery Stores and Pharmacies

Ice delivery to grocery stores and pharmacies make up the core of our business. We have built our delivery system and processes around providing daily ice deliveries to grocery stores and pharmacies throughout the Valley of Sun.

Gas Station Ice Delivery

Gas Stations and Convenience Stores

With the growth of convenience stores around the Phoenix Metro there is a much bigger demand for ice at these locations. Families going on trips, to youth sporting events or day outings often get their ice from convenience stores.

Emergency Ice

We have always prided ourselves on our Emergency Ice Delivery service. We know that eventually every business or event that supplies ice will have an ice emergency. Even if you are using another ice company as your primary provider we are equipped to provide on-demand ice for any ice emergency.