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Do You Want A Cool Party

Snow Making Service

At Arizona Iceman we can make any day a Snow Day. We use real ice and snow blowers to create a real snow party. Your child can now have an outdoor party in the any time of year.
Create A Super Cool Party
Phoenix Snow Making

Snow Making for Events

You can now have an outdoor snow party at any time of year. Our real blown snow is available year-round and lasts for hours even in the hot Arizona sun. Adding snow to your event will be sure to increase the fun. Your guests will be thrilled with the quality of the snow and the fun it provides.

Call Us Today and let the friendly staff at Arizona Iceman create a snow experience that your guests will never forget. We have the ability to turn any environment into a winter wonderland. Best of all we use real ice to create an authentic experience. Our friendly staff will ensure that you get the right amount for your snow party.

Snow Making Is Perfect For


Birthday Parties


Holiday Events


Dog Parks and Parties


Fraternity Parties


Church Functions


Holiday Events


Televised Events




School Functions


Theme Parties


Corporate Parties


State Fairgrounds

How Much Ice Do I Need

40 tons of snow can suit 250 kids throughout the day. Please take a look at the following pictures to size up the amount of snow that you want. The more snow is always the merrier! We understand budget, space, time of year, number of people, etc are important factors when deciding on a snow amount.

Snow Making Phoenix

3 Tons of Snow

Snow for Events In Phoenix

40 Tons of Snow


5 Tons = 750 sqft

10 Tons = 1,500 sqft

15 Tons = 2,250 sqft

20 Tons = 3,000 sqft

30 Tons = 4,500 sqft

40 Tons = 6,000 sqft

See Our Snow Making Service In Action